Kids say the darnedest things!

Last week the kids watched the excellent Horrible Histories series on CBBC and learned all about Rosa Parks and the history of the civil rights movement. “I sat on the bus!’ sang the woman playing Rosa. I explained to the kids about the deep South of America, and how black people had to stand if a white person needed a seat, and that if they were allowed to sit they had to sit at the back of the bus. ‘Imagine’ i said ‘If you went in to school tomorrow and the teachers said “OK at lunchtime all the black kids have to sit on the floor and only the white kids get to sit at tables. What would you do?’ The eldest did me proud – she answered ‘I’d sit on the floor with them’. ‘Very good!’ I said, Guardian reader’s heart bursting with pride.

The following night I took the triplets to the theatre and before the show they sat on the few seats available in the bar despite a growing crowd of pensioners shuffling in.

“Get up!’ I hissed ‘And let those old ladies sit down!’

F looked indignant. At the top of his voice he said ‘Oh so now WE’RE the black people?!’


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