NYC v London.


I am embarrassed. How do Americans cope when they come to London? Our food must look like overpriced gruel compared to what you can get on any street in New York. If I’m out and about at lunch time in London the best I can hope for for a fiver is a pathetic Boots ‘meal deal’ – a wet sandwich in a plastic and cardboard prison, with tiny, mean prawns that look like head lice covered in floppy iceberg lettuce, a packet of  tasteless crisps and a bottle of pop. For the same price in NYC I can get any of the following things in NYC

– slices of either Turkey, Gammon with cinnamon, beef with broiled onions, salmon in a herb crust plus a choice of two sides – sweet potato chips, mash, roasted vegetables, asparagus, broccoli with chilli, cous cous etc etc.

– a deli salad with choices of avocado, meat, eggs, fish, huge prawns, pecans, cranberries, fresh peas, alfalfa etc etc.
– a huge poppyseed bagel with smoked salmon, salad, cream cheese, bacon etc etc.

– a garden fresh soup and a side salad

– a freshly pressed juice with apple, carrot, ginger, oranges plus a wholemeal seeded roll
No one cooks here because they don’t need to. Its cheaper and easier to buy freshly cooked food from just about any store. Nevertheless my apartment has a huge fridge with an ice maker, a massive oven and a microwave you could nuke a field of spuds in.  It puts my own kitchen back home to shame – the kitchen we routinely have to feed 7 of us in.  

And in the bars they free-pour the spirits.  


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